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What Gear Do You Need to Play Paintball?

Paintball is a game that requires different team members to shoot at one another with a paintball gun. Since the game involves paintballs that shoot at 300 feet per second, it is necessary for players to be equipped with proper gear and covering.

Clothing Gear


For the sake of protecting your face, paintball masks must be approved for use and adhere to the strictest safety standards. Since a direct shot to the face can hit the eye and cause damage, it is always preferable to purchase a very high-quality mask. Expensive masks often excel in comfort and style.

These masks work just like helmets and are designed to cover the entire face. The lens is made of polycarbonate and is rated to stop a paintball. Lenses must follow ASTM standards for eye protection.

Protection for Upper & Lower Body

If/when a paintball hits the body, it can sting, padded vests can be used to help minimize the impact. Moreover, when playing outside, these suits can help to camouflage the players in their natural surroundings. The upper clothing usually has full sleeves, and the lower clothing always has to be full-length pants. Apart from this, players also wear their team jerseys in order to be distinguished from other team members.

Though a combat suit is worn, padding is also essential at times. It gives an extra layer of protection to the chest, stomach, back, and arms and lessens the impact of the paintball to a large extent.

Gloves & Shoes

Gloves are a crucial component of clothing equipment because they protect the hands. To ensure that players do not experience any difficulty when pulling the trigger or reloading, gloves must be very flexible. Since the paintballs are slippery, the gloves also prevent a player’s hands from becoming wet.

Shoes also act as protective equipment, and players usually prefer to wear footgear like a boot or a style with a better grip on the ground while running and offer good ankle support.

Paintball Accessories

Paintball Gun or Marker

Paintball guns (also referred to as markers) are one of the main pieces of equipment to play the sport of paintball. They come in different shapes, sizes, and types, like revolver, semi-automatic, and pump-action paintball guns. To play, you need something that propels paintballs in a somewhat straight line.


Undoubtedly, you will need paintballs to play the game. They come in varied colors and are made of non-toxic substances, including gelatin, polyethylene glycol, etc., and are biodegradable by nature. Paintballs can go as far as 50 yards when shot from a paintball marker.


You need to load the paintballs into the chamber of your gun as quickly as possible. A hopper is like a small container fitted to your gun that feeds paintballs into the chamber of your gun.

The newer method on the market is mag-fed paintball guns. Paintball guns that are mag-fed instead of hopper-fed create a more realistic playing experience. Mag-fed players tend to play Mag-fed-specific games/events, so the playing field is level.

CO2 or Nitro Tank

Paintball guns require either of the two types of gases—compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen gas (normally compressed air)—to fire a paintball. So you shouldn’t forget to carry your tank with you.

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