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What and Who is T4E?

T4E stands for Training for Engagement. T4E guns are authentic, highly effective training and competition equipment developed for use by military, law enforcement, and security agencies.

T4E - a brand of UMAREX - provides law enforcement and military-grade training equipment with authentic weight, feel, and action to provide the most realistic experience in close quarter battle situations and live scenario environments. Employment of T4E platforms provides higher quality training with a higher level of performance in real-life scenarios.

Train More and Spend Less While Training for Engagement

T4E training equipment offers the ability to train and compete at a higher level at a fraction of the cost of most simulation devices on the market.

T4E also offers a selection of training guns for the "opposition" including a shotgun and a revolver that utilizes .68 and .50 caliber rounds respectively. Training ammunition commonly used with T4E markers that marry duty-guns include .43 caliber rubber ball, dust ball, and paintball.

T4E® is a brand of UMAREX manufactured by UMAREX and sold and marketed by UMAREX and Umarex USA, Inc. The brands and models offered and their trademarks are either owned or officially licensed.