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Mag-fed Paintball with the T4E TB 68 Shotgun

Are you prepared for a new level of power in our Paintball game? The T4E TB 68 shotgun certainly provides it with a new level of control and maneuverability in a magazine-fed marker platform.

This compact design is powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge housed in the grip and pierced via the Quick Pierce charging mechanism. This allows the marker to be stored with ammo in the magazine and CO2 ready to go immediately. A visible indicator will show you when the marker is charged with co2.

The internal magazine holds 16 rounds of .68 caliber rubber, paint, or dust ball ammo. Simply lock back the mag follower and load via the port hole on the bottom of the foregrip. The mock ejection door can be opened for use in loading harder 68 cal balls or an easy access point for cleaning the barrel with the included squeegee.

The T4E TB 68 shotgun has a solid metal barrel and magazine tube, complemented by a fixed muzzle with an aggressive design. Easy to use, CQB-friendly front and rear sights are backed up by a full-length optic rail for use with your favorite dot sight. An additional 20mm accessory rail is located on the left side of the foregrip for any laser or light accessories attachments.

The .68 caliber projectiles will travel at 220 FPS and the CO2 cartridge will effectively launch all 16 projectiles before it needs to be changed. Be sure to press the charge indicator in for bleeding off excess co2 before unscrewing the grip screw to replace it with a fresh co2 cartridge.

Front and rear metal sling attachment points mean you can go hands-free instantly and will greatly aid in reloading with fresh paintballs and co2 when a sling is in use.

No doubt that this iconic shotgun design, features, and performance will turn heads on the field or just make for a fun target shooting session! Be sure to check out the T4E TB68 paintball marker at your favorite T4E retailer, or for more information, visit www.T4Eguns.com.

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